About Us

About Us

Hindustan Concrete Blocks Pvt. Ltd. Company was incorporated in 2013 in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India, with an objective of making building and construction practices more efficient through innovative Dry Mix Building Products.

“Our strength lies in continuous Research and Development, Commitment and Diligence of our resources.”

We believe that today’s advance building products offer many benefits over the conventional practices to match demands of modern construction, a fact that has been also proven worldwide. We have developed our manufacturing strategy by driving efficiency and production through the best practices. Our approach is to reduce wastage, improve efficiency along wiht quality. We manufacture modern building products for considering three basic principles:

  • Save Energy
  • Save Time
  • Save Cost

Our Vision

To consistently improve what is essential for human progress by mastering scientific and technological know-how

Our Mission

To enhance construction productivity by delivering reliable and dynamic solutions.

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