One of the main benefits of AAC is safety, an owner using AAC Blocks creates a sound, functional and safe building. Another benefit of the AAC block building system is versatility. It can provide many architectural features that will enhance and project a unique architectural image for the building and its owner. AAC construction is insect and termite proof, therefore the need for expensive insect and pest treatment as well as long term maintenance costs will be greatly reduced. Furthermore, the superior thermal properties associated with all of the AAC products will translate into increased energy savings.

The cost savings realized when using AAC Block products, mainly related to the shorter construction time, will be dramatic. The advantages of AAC Block include low maintenance costs, good sound insulation and excellent thermal insulation. It easily meets energy codes.

Creative designs cannot be realized without the use of a highly adaptable construction material. AAC Block can be adapted to suit most architectural designs while still providing a simple construction system that can meet all load requirements.

Buildings can be constructed quickly and safely using AAC block building systems. The product itself is lightweight, therefore easily handled. AAC block’s work ability (e.g. anchoring, routing, and drilling characteristics) is well developed and can be easily performed. AAC material also produces less waste. By using the right combination of AAC products, productivity will be increased thus will reduce the amount of time spent on job sites due to its ease of handling.

Work Areas:

01Light Weight

50% Lighter than normal Clay Brick

Faster Construction

3 Times Faster than traditional brick masonry work.

Hight Fire Resistant

4-6 Hours depending on thickness

Excellent Heat Insulation

5 Times superior to Clay Brick

Noise Absorption

Far Superior than Traditional Clay Brick.

Environmental Friendly

Reduce at least 30% of environmental waste. Decreases over 50% of green house radiation and over 60% integrated energy on the surface of brick.


Do not suffer from hight transit breakage therefore are easy to transport when compared to Clay Bricks

Weather & Earthquake Resistant

The impact of Earthquake forces on a structure propotional to the weight of structure, Provides Excellent